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Pricing: Designing a Hard/Soft Cover starts at $100, varying based on complexity. This includes the Back Cover, Front Cover, and Spine, suitable for eBook/Audio Book Covers too.

Dust Cover Design

Pricing: Designing a dust cover starts at $200, based on complexity. This service includes; Dust  Cover Design, in addition to the  Hard/Soft Back Cover, Front Cover, Spine design.

Cover Design

Black & Greyscale:

Starting at $100 for every 100 pages. Customized layout and formatting for an optimal reading experience. Only black text printing available; images printed in grayscale.

Full Color and Artwork:

Starting at $350, plus an additional $2-$4 per page based on complexity.  Combines text, graphics, and color photos for maximum visual impact. Both text and images printed in full color.

Interior Format & Design

Our proofreading and editing services are priced at $10 per page, with the initial quote determined by the estimated level of effort. Based on 11pt font (9pt for Pocket size), 1.5 line spacing, and no images.


We monitor the time spent on the work, and additional charges may be applicable if the effort surpasses the initial estimate.


In addition to these services, we offer additional text work, including but not limited to indexes and glossaries, at a rate of $20 per hour.


Services We Provide

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