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Resin  8 Creations

By Azlin Brewster

I am a creative at heart. I make all different types of art, home décor, digital art, graphic design for clothing and much more, you name it. In 2019 I was introduced to Resin and a ton of other mixed media that can be used with Resin. I was immediately mesmerized by all the versatility and the different ways Resin can be used to create one of a kind art. 

Since then I have spent all my free time, submerging myself in the craft and refining my skills one order at a time. I have made smaller items like key chains, coasters and trays all the way to bigger items like wall art and small furniture items. 

Have a look around and if you do not see anything you like or want something a little bit more specific you can place a custom request or ask questions on our Custom Order page. This will get you instantly connected to me. No bots; no virtual assistants; just real good-natured human connection.

Much love,



Hi, my name is Azlin.

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