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It's Not What It Looks Like

The world of boxing has transcended generations and evolved into a premier sports entertainment machine. At its peak it has captured millions of eyes as the literal world watched different weight classes duke it out for champion.

The place of combat is described as a "boxing ring" measuring 25'7'' long with ropes on a raised platform in the shape of a square. Now why is the battleground of the "sweet science" in the shape of a square but called a ring? This has baffled many for years and most explain its origin coming from times past when people would form a circle around the two combatants but would often get in the way, influencing the fight. Building a square was much easier but the name ring has stuck throughout the years.

If I enter the ring with a mentality of a circle with only round edges I very well may be confused and even frustrated at the shape and dimensions of the battleground. I may not take this fight as seriously or recognize that I am even in a fight because of what it looks like. Every day that we wake up and take another breath we call it LIFE. However, despite what it's called, make no mistakes as believer's we are entering into a fight, and every breath we take is a step into the "ring." If we don't put on our gloves, keep our guard up and have a strong stance we can easily walk around this square and forget we're in a ring of combat.

A normal boxing match has twelve 3 minute rounds, and in between there is a 1 minute rest break where the boxers can go to their neutral corners. A ring or circle has no corners and no breaks, but despite what we call it, its not what it looks like! Who we have in our corner matters and without the square shape the boxing ring would be never ending. Don't be deceived. Its not what it looks like or only what its called. Step into the ring prepared to fight until that bell rings and then find your corner to rest, be coached and ready to re enter this match and fight for your life!

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